Obasa Specialty Vehicles
....using the latest technology in building 
     specialty vehicles for security agencies.....
Armored Personnel Carrier

High Maneuverability, stability and superior terrain capability makes Obasa Specialty Vehicles Tactical reliable.

Capacity:  Armored Fighting Vehicles can easily accommodate up to eight personnel's fully equipped with comfort, the two side doors and the rear door makes it easy for rapid evacuation from the vehicle when necessary.


OSV Tactical Vehicles have excellent suspensions with its world renowned axles and transmission. Four wheel drive lockable central differential, Sophisticated type of suspension and coil springs makes it adapt to all terrain.

It has combat type of Run-Flat tyres with high acceleration and short turning circle which makes it ideal for any mission.

Obasa Specialty Vehicles are  Build on heavy duty commercial chassis platform which makes all components, Spare parts highly accessible. It also facilitates all warranty coverage, repairs, Maintenance, Service and parts replacement on the vehicle cost effective.


Obasa Specialty Vehicles provide guaranteed high level protection against all kinds of fire arms from small to 7.62 AP to BMG caliber at point blank range. Our plates are Military specification Armored plates certified to defeat multiple hit attacks. It maintains the highest standard of the NATO STANAG which exceeds the CEN European B7 Armor level and meets the U.S. Armor standard.

The composite floor material protects its crew against fragments from grenades , Nails Bombs and Anti-personnel Mines. Armored glass and all vision blocks are protected to the same level as the hull. All glasses are with

poly-carbonate anti-spall liners.


OSV can be fitted with 9 gun pots enabling firing from inside the vehicle. The vehicle can be specified with plain roof, with a gun ring open or closed turret fitted for a range of machine guns from 7.62mm to 12.7mm weapons.

OSV provides After-Sales and logistic support services. We tackle the most critical problem facing the imported machinery such as servicing and parts supplies. OSV provides in-House training and turn Around maintenance that create most difficult that always affect  the imported Machinery.




Logistics & support

Technical Specifications                                                          APC                                                                   Standard Equipment

Dimensions and Weights                                                                                                                                       Air Conditioning

Overall length                                                                             222.6                                                                   Heater and Demister        

Overall Height                                                                            92                                                                        Seat belts

                                                                                                                                                                          2-speed wipers with wash & wipe

Ground Clearance                                                                      28                                                                        Tool Set

Wheelbase                                                                               125                                                                       Fire Extinguisher

Combat Weight                                                                                                                                                     Black-out system

ENGINE                                                                                    6.8 V10 Triniton Engine                                          Smoke extraction systems

                                                                                                                                                                           Battery master switch

GEARBOX                                                                                 5 Speed Automatic OD                                          Antenna mounting provision

TRANSFER BOX                                                                        Permanent 4 Wheel Drive                                       Recovery books       

                                                                                                                                                                           First aid Kit

AXLES                                                                                      Rigid Beam Axles wit reduction spiral differential      Surveillance Camera with mast

SUSPENSION                                                                           Coil Springs and Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

BRAKES                                                                                   Four-wheel disc anti-locks brakes

STEERING                                                                                Tilt Steering Wheel

FUEL TANK                                                                              180 Litres

TYRES                                                                                     Five 20x11"; Tubeless off road tyres combat type run-flat capability


Max. Speed                                                                               130km/h

Side slope                                                                                  40%

Gradient                                                                                     60%

Fording                                                                                      650mm

Turning Radius                                                                           6.5mm

Vertical Step                                                                              315mm

Anngle of approach                                                                     500

Angle of departure                                                                       55