Obasa Specialty Vehicles
....using the latest technology in building 
     specialty vehicles for security agencies.....
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Tactical Vehicles have excellent suspensions with its world renowned axles and transmission. Four wheel drive lockable central differential,

- High Tech Surveillance Camera

- Monitor

- Recording Device

- Telescoping Mast

Our highly skilled technicians take pride in their craft and always provide their best in customer satisfaction.

Our series of refurbishment services includes a total face lift, change from old to modern certified looks of all kind of apparatus.

We can replace the pump modules, tank replacement, tank reconditioning, electrical lightning repairs and full apparatus upgrade according to the NFPA standard. We do all kind of refurbishment at a fraction of the cost of a new apparatus.

Our specialty is a complete disassembly of an existing vehicle to its basic element examining, repairing and replacing those elements followed by the reassembly, inspection and quality testing of the vehicle to a prescribed level of quality. We also have a clear operating framework that drives our quality and improvement as a company.

Our cycle time to refurbish all kind of apparatus is unmatched, less than any company can boost of with customer satisfaction.

Refurbishment Services